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Features of Danglefit

  • Danglefit was developed specifically for treating and alleviating back pain
  • Danglefit uses aerial slings to apply inversion therapy to the back and spine
  • Danglefit is a cross between mat yoga & circus art
  • Danglefit is the most fun anybody will have while alleviating back pain

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What is Danglefit?

Danglefit is Back Care, Fitness, FUN and Games 

But wait, there is more, Danglefit is also Brain Care.

Back Care


By doing such exercise as one legged squats and mid air push ups we can tax the body in ways that it has never been physically taxed before.


By doing circus movements in an inverted position such as aerial salsa and figure 8 we are calling on the brain to do things in ways that it has never been done before. This causes the brain to develop new neural pathways. This is good!


Playing games in an inverted position forces the brain to develop new neural pathways. This causes the brain to be constantly working to find new ways to do a certain thing.
Could this help to develop human creativity?

Brain Care

Danglefit: A potential treatment for Dementia?
What is Dementia?
Dementia is an umbrella term referring to a set of symptoms that affect mental cognitive tasks which includes loss of memory, judgement and understanding.
It is a neurodegenerative disease which means there is progressive brain cell death that happens over time and are not being replaced. The brain tissue has progressively fewer nerve cells and connections. The total brain size literally shrinks. The reason why people with dementia cannot recall memories is because the brain cells that hold those memories are literally dead and gone, and are not replaced.
When blood circulates to the brain, it nourishes the brain cells with nutrient and oxygen. This encourages the development of new brain cells and new neural connections. This is called “plasticity”. This is a process that the brain is capable of doing at any age.
What do we do in Danglefit?
Basically we invert participants upside down and make them perform tasks for example, writing backwards with their non-dominant hand.

How can Danglefit Inversion help with Dementia?

Danglefit Inversion brings greater volume of blood (nutrient and oxygen) to the brain.
Performing tasks, for example writing upside down with the non-dominant hand, forces the brain to perform a task in a way that it has never done before. This encourages the brain to develop new brain cells and new neural pathways.

Back Care:

The problem

One of the three main causes of back pain is spinal compression. Spinal compression is caused by prolong sitting and prolong standing. When the spine is compressed it causes the spinal disc to bulge out from under the spinal column and puts pressure on surrounding spinal nerve causing pain.

The Solution

In comes Danglefit Back Care!
By inverting the body in a very gentle and progressive manner we allow the spine to gently elongate and decompress itself. As the spine decompresses, gets longer, creating space between the vertebrae, the spine acts like a suction cup or a vacuum and draws the herniated disc or bulging disc back under the spinal column and remove pressure from the surrounding spinal nerve and alleviate the back pain.
Are you thinking that this may be an antidote for aging people who are getting shorter as we age? uum!

Danglefit Features

Spinal decompression, alleviate back pain
A community of like minded individuals (possible treatment for dementia)
Create friendship, love and trust
Dangle-Nap-In-A-Wrap, the ultimate in relaxation
Our own dangle-lingo: Tail wrap, Huha stretch, AsO!!

Danglefit Benefits 

Encourages brain to create new brain cells (possible treatment for Dementia)
Create new neural pathways (possible treatment Dementia)
Increases blood flow to your brain, get smarter (possible treatment for Dementia)
Improves self-confidence and balance in the aging population
Spinal Decompression, alleviate back pain
Slows/Reverses the aging process
Improves mobility, and posture
Witness your spine grow inches in minutes
Alleviates herniated disc, sciatica, scoliosis, soar back
Reverses lapsed organs
Come join the fun and learn to

About Danglefit Founder: Lee Downer

For 27 years Lee has lived with severe low back pain caused by a herniated disc and degenerative disc disease. But today he has absolutely no back pain.
His healing journey began in 1989 when he went to York University to study Physical Education and Pure & Applied Science. In that first year at York University, he was hired by the YMCA as a Fitness Instructor. In 1990 Lee began studying yoga and became a YMCA Certified Yoga teacher. Lee became a strong leader for the Y and taught several YMCA’s fitness programs, including “Y’s Way to a Healthy Back”.
His constant search for a back pain solution led him to develop a yoga program that is specific to back care called CorYoga. CorYoga worked well and he has presented several workshops and seminars on CorYoga. In 2002 he fine tuned his career to focus on Back Care for office workers and developed a series of videos called Office Yoga Oasis, or Back Care for Office Workers
Lee’s continuous search for the perfect back care program, led him to developed Danglefit, the ultimate in back care.

Speaker and Presenter

Lee is now presenting his Back Care program to offices and companies that are interested in helping their employees find ways to de-stress right at their desks or work stations. Lee has presented his Back Care program on numerous occasions at conferences including the Canadian Management Centre Conference (two years in a row) and the Ontario Hospital Association Conference (two years in a row). He has also presented his Back Care Seminars, Workshops and Lunch and Learns to numerous corporations including City TV’s Breakfast Television.
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